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How to enable Wi-Fi HOTSPOT feature on the Nokia Asha 311?

Hey guys,

I have been trying to figure out how I can enable Wi-Fi hotspot feature on my Nokia Asha 311. Is it possible? I have an unlimited data plan with my network operator and was wondering if I can share that to my laptop via Wi-Fi.

Anyone who has tried this please share with us. Is there a special Wi-Fi hotspot app for Nokia Asha 311 that may come in handy for this?
Sadly for you, there is no Wi-Fi hotspot feature on the Nokia Asha 311. AM using this phone and have gone through all the settings but no Wi-Fi hotspot settings.

There may be an app out there for Wi-Fi hotspot but am not sure.
You can use nokia pc suit to share the enternet connection

just download and install nokia pc suit to your loptop and you can use your nokia phone as an enternet connection. Try it really work..!
If you have to share your internet with your laptop on asha 311 why not use bluetooth?I use bluetooth to create a Personal Area Network and it works perfectly.
Need to instll joikuspot software for this

Wi-Fi hotspot not working with any method. I sold my Asha 311 and bought an LG Optimus L3. Problem solved, no looking back!

I haven't really tried it out but I think you can! Go to "Settings" "connectivity" "Wifi". In the "wifi" screen you will have the option to "on" or "off" your wifi. PAY ATTENTION to the "OPTION"( 3 horizontal white lines locate below the network signal indicator). Tap on the 3 white lines and a menu will appear. There will be 2 options to choose, 1) Add New Network, & 2)Settings. Select "Add New Networks" and it will ask you to key in a network name, after that you will enter a Wifi broadcast setting page which will ask you to enter "SSID", "Security Type", "Broadcast SSID", "advanced setting". When done setting up, a network icon will be displayed under the option to "on" or "off" your wifi. I'm using the version 5.92 software and did not notice whether there is such an option in previous versions of software. If there is, try it out, but just to remind you that after I updated my software to ver. 5.92, the Wifi has got connection problem and also with other bugs, you might regret if you update to 5.92. Please tell me whether my guide works and if you have any idea on Wifi connection problems in ver.5.92, do advice. Thank you!
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