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LiketLy Thank Button

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LiketLy Thank System

By using "Thank System", you can put as many thank buttons as you need in a page.

1. Include this script to head tag:

// optional, add current user's username. If not set, user's IP will be used
liketlythankusername = "myUsername";
// optional, replace "Thank" word with anything you like. If not set, "Thank" is used
liketlythankword = 'Like, Thank, Love, etc (You decide!)';
<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>

2. Add "thanksys-data" tags to our articles we want to have thanked:

Notice how We added the tag "thanksys-data" to the parent div and gave it an id/value. You must do this and it must be unique. You can name your article whatever you want but it must be inside thanksys-data="what ever you want"

Example usage
<div class="article" thanksys-data="article1"> <p>"Liketly Thank System" is a simple and easy to install content liking system. You can have a unique like button on each different content element on your page. Each like button is it's own seperate identity and is stand alone from the others</p> </div>

LiketLy Link Share Button

How to get a L-Share button?
Very simple:
+ Or you can go to L-Share Button Wizard
+ You will get HTML code, just copy and paste to your Website Source. Done

LiketLy Supporter Box

How to get a Supporter Box?
Very simple:
+ Just go to
+ Create a your Own Club
+ See the right side, click "Follower Box Embed Code"

You will get HTML, just copy and paste to your Website Source. Done

LiketLy Stream Line

How to get a Stream Line box and embed to your website?
Very simple:
+ Just go to Widget Creator
+ Create a your Own widget
You will get HTML, just copy and paste to your Website Source. Done

Liketly Actions Plugin

When User click "Share Action", They will share Action "They are doing" & your Website Url on their Liketly profile.

+ Example: Anna reading the article "Result of Final Confederation Cup!" : on
+ Demo: See the left Corner of this page.

Liketly Bar - Live News Bar

The Latest Way to let Visitor know Your Live News. Just embed this script to your website

+ [POSITION]: top,bottom
+ [COLOR]: red, blue, green, #CC99FF ... any other.
+ [LIKETLY USERNAME]: your username on Liketly.

+ Example:
<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script> will show Liketly Bar at Bottom, with red color, and All Live news from username LionelMessi

+ Demo: See the top of this page.
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