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Customise Your Wordpress Template Service

Customize Your Wordpress Template

We will help you fix any error in Wordpress, Customise Wordpress template, teach you anything about Wordpress.

When you decide to get a template from a template club, ask this yourselves,
have you made a customization on it? Remember even there are lot of
options a commercial template can offers, mostly  the same template and
color theme you choose could also be used by many club members. You need
to have a unique template look that match with your company or small
business brand identity.

Wordpress template customization cost
doesn't need to be expensive. From as little as some cups of StarBucks
Coffee to just $50 full package includes commercial template
installation, customization of color themes and branding, as well as
creation of sample content pages (up to 10) and configuration of common
Wordpress! modules and/or components. With this full package, you can have
your small company or business website up and running without touching

Ketnooi Coders Groups - KCG offers a custom web design service for Wordpress!. If you need a Wordpress web designer to develop a professional design visit us today

Focus to your business, outsource any of your Wordpress-related works to
me. I can help you with a day-to-day maintenance, Wordpress setup and/or
installations, or simple and clean HTML/CSS template to Wordpress conversion.

 Ours Slogan: Best quality at best price!
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