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LiketLy "Happy Index" help you save happy moments in life!

Liketly Bar Plugins for Joomla

+ Plugin that displays Your Contents as a Live News Bar
+ Using API from (Login to View link) LiketLy Bar
+ Auto Post a LiketLy Update (Title + Backlink) when you publish/update your Joomla Article.
+ Demo: Fashion Blog

== Installation ==

1. Install plugin from Admin panel.
2. Register a (Login to View link) profile.
3. Setup the plugin through the 'Plugins Manager'
* Delay: Display LiketlyBar with delay of seconds
* API Token: Go to to get your API Token
* Leave "API token" blank if you don't want to use "Auto post to Liketly" Feature.

4. Enable + Save.

liketly bar

This plugin is fully working with Joomla 2.5+, Joomla 3.0+

Free Download:

Hope it will be usefull!

If you have any further issue, Just post here.
I'm happy to answer any question!
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If you have any further issue, Just post here.I'm happy to answer any question!...
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