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Privacy and Confidentiality Statements
The present statements are intended to inform users about the scope of the full protection of the personal data stored in archives, registries, databases or other technical means of data processing in support of an agreement to respect the right to the privacy of the individuals as well as free access to information about them that may be recorded.

With respect to the purpose stated, will use commercially reasonable efforts to ensure that the data obtained through the site will be handled in such a way that it remains protected at all times in accordance with data privacy regulations.

The confidentiality of private communication between and the users involves the maintenance of information stored in archives and databases, which are not accessible to any users or third parties who do not have the required authorization.

Voluntary submission of data
The present statements are meant to inform the users about the way handles personal data, so that the users can freely and voluntarily decide whether or not to submit personal information when it is required or may be obtained when using some of the services available at ""

As a general rule, when Personal Data is requested in order to use a service or to access certain content, providing this data is not obligatory, except for in those cases where it is specifically indicated that the data is required for use of the service or in order to access the content. In this regard, users who refuse to provide it may choose not to use the service or content. In no case will the user be requested to provide sensitive information.

Purpose of collected data
The collecting and processing of personal data is intended to enable to provide, manage, administer, personalize, update and improve the services and content available to its users. Likewise, the data may be used to send users messages related to the services and content provided by

Authorization of use
All users who make their personal data available expressly authorize to use the data provided for the purposes stated here. Providing this data also implies the user's acceptance of all of the terms contained in these Statements and in the General Terms and Conditions.

Non-assignment of data
Out of respect for the privacy and confidentiality of the users, does not share or transfer personal information about users to any third party. Nevertheless, the services of were designed to allow users to share different types from information, including information of a personal nature. Therefore, by submitting a photo and/or any personal information, the user renounces any expectation of privacy with respect to the use of the personal information provided. Users who do not wish to have their information made public on the Site, should not use the service.

Rights of the owners of the information
In turn, and following from the guarantee of protected rights, the purpose also includes giving those individuals who are linked to the registered data total access to information at any time. This allows the user to exercise rights to access, rectification or cancellation of data and opposition which are discussed below.

Every user may carry out said rights by directing an email to: "See Contact Page"

Once users have entered their data, may rectify, remove or update the users' personal data where appropriate.

Certain data will not be deleted if this could infringe the rights or legitimate interests of third parties, or if there is a legal obligation to retain the information.

The right to demand the rectification of the information: In principal, the right to demand rectification can be exercised in the event of falsification, inaccuracy, vagueness or character of the error that may be contained in the data. The recognition thereof entails that of preserving the accuracy of the information to ensure its quality.

The right to require information to be updated: The update is based upon preserving the validity of the data, that is, the relationship of the information it represents within the temporal scope in which it is provided.

The rights to addition and dissociation: Users may require that information be added to registered data if it is considered incomplete and is an inaccurate representation. Similarly, they may also demand the dissociation of data containing personal traits or characteristics which only allow for processing without the possibility of establishing associations or links to the owners of the data.

Submission and Withdrawal Policy: The removal of an item of data implies that it has permanently been eliminated from the file or registry, that is, it has completely disappeared and there is no remaining evidence of its previous registration.

Removal of personal data: Whenever an account is closed by the user or due to's decision, all personal information related to the account will be permanently removed form's systems.

About Cookies may use cookies that are installed on the user's computer when the user navigates the Site. The purpose of this is to facilitate the user's navigation of the site and to provide with information that will allow it to improve its services and content. In no case are the cookies used by to supply information of a personal nature about the user, who will maintain complete anonymity, with respect to as well, given that does not provide personally identifiable information about the user. emphasizes that it is not necessary for the user to allow the cookies sent by to be installed in order to navigate the site. The only case in which this may be a requirement is with respect to certain services and content.

Adopted security measures
With respect to its archives or databases that may contain personal information about the users, adopts all logical and physical security measures required by law and measures of suitable prudence and diligence in protecting third parties who have put their trust in

Regarding "Bands" section

I. In "Bands" section, users have a place to share and promote their musical creations between other users and visitors.
Additionally, users will be able to become fans of bands created by other users allowing them to be updated about their chosen band events and updates.

II. When creating a band the user should be aware of the following:
Musical creations include all kind of original sound combinations, with or without lyrics. Originality derives from specific combination of music’s constituent elements: melody, harmony and rhythm.
Musical creations are protected by copyright. This means that the author or copyright holder has exclusive rights over his or her work including, but not limited to, its publication, distribution, modification, adaptation.
A musical creation may also be subject to related rights, also known as neighboring rights. These are held, among others, by performers and phonogram producers.
Therefore, users may only upload original music creations of which they are copyright owners to the "Bands" section at, provided authorization and consent of performers and producers has been granted.
In addition, if the author, composer, performer or producer is associated to a copyright collective, or if representation by a copyright collective is mandated in his country of residence, it will not be possible to upload those musical creations to "Bands" section.

III. does not charge for the services offered in the "Bands" section. Users shall not pay and will not pay users for uploading their musical creations to the website.

IV. By uploading their musical creations, users grant a perpetual, worldwide, non-exclusive, irrevocable license to publish, perform, reproduce, adapt, modify and/or distribute in any media formats, through any media channels regardless of the purpose.

V. will determine in its sole discretion whether the user-uploaded musical creations are acceptable for publication on the website. This will not be limited to verification of copyright infringement. Uploaded musical creations are subject to removal without prior notice at discretion.
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